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European Planning Meeting 2024

14 February - 18 February

Get ready for an incredible and transformative journey at the European Planning Meeting (EPM) 2024. We are thrilled to meet face-to-face in the dynamic city of Eindhoven from the 14th till the 18th of February, 2024. The EPM comprises two exciting parts:

💬 A Thematic Conference

Immerse yourself in engaging panel discussions, workshops, and training sessions that revolve around the theme “Building Bridges: Uniting Cultures and Empowering Youth in Europe.” Delve into topics like diversity and inclusivity, intercultural communication, and fostering collaboration beyond borders. With a flexible agenda, you choose the sessions that resonate with you the most!

The thematic conference topic will act as a red thread to an event, so you can even expect some special social programme activities!

🎯 Action Agenda Drafting Sessions

Participate in shaping AEGEE’s future actions! Join the Action Agenda drafting sessions where we will discuss which actions we as AEGEEans want to take for the next year of our three Focus Areas: 💬 Bridges of Dialogue, 🖥️ Digital Culture, 🌿 Eco-Responsible Society.

Not an expert? No worries! We will facilitate knowledge-sharing, interactive discussions and sessions, and provide ample opportunities for you to contribute your ideas. So get ready to inspire others and get inspired yourself to bring back some actions to your Local and your local communities.

Additionally, we will discuss how AEGEE can reach its vision and mission more effectively, and we can grow from within.

📢 Make this event economically, socially and environmentally sustainable!

We invite you to join us in helping make this event economically, socially and environmentally sustainable by: Travelling sustainably 🚄and using the sustainable affiliate travel links to grow the ASRF fund 🌱💌 Offsetting your Carbon footprint 🌱

Donating to ASRF if you able to, so that you can help AEGEEans with less financial means to be able to donate this event 💌

❓ Inquiries

Should you have any questions, please have a look at the FAQ! For further questions regarding the event, feel free to contact the local organisers of the EPM at participants@epm-eindhoven.eu. Questions regarding applications should be directed towards the Comité Directeur at cd@aegee.eu.