About AEGEE-Eindhoven

AEGEE-Eindhoven is the European student association of Eindhoven. We are open to students from all different kinds of studies and nationalitities. As an association we organize numerous parties, borrels and other local activities. However, since we are a European association we also organize activities and trips throughout the entire continent, whole year long! This way you do not only make friends in Eindhoven, but you build a network of friends throughout the whole of Europe!

We travel.

We discover.

We socialize.

niek_dinner_fotogeniek (2)

Weekly dinners

Every Wednesday we have a local dinner. These are most often prepared by the KookCie, the board, or a group who just really wants to show of their cooking skills.

The dinners most often have a European theme, like: Spanish food, Polish, everything is possible. 

Weekly borrels

Every Wednesday we have our Borrel (Social Drink) at Hubble Community Cafe. Here we catch up with our friends, tell them about our adventures and last travels. And ofcourse, we have the craziest nights there!


Weekly activities

Every week we have at least one activity. We have a very broad arrangement of activities. These can range from a Cocktail party to desigining your own Totebag, or a Scavenger hunt. Nothing is too crazy.

The picture on the left is from the Easter Egg hunt. 69 AEGEE Easter Eggs were hidden throughout Eindhoven, which had to be found. These two bikes over 40 km and won!

Cheap Exchanges

Approximately five to six times a year we go on a Exchange with another Antennae from AEGEE-Europe. During these exchanges we will discover the city like no other, since we have the information from the students who live there!

Often we also have different locals over in AEGEE-EIndhoven to show them our beautiful city!

Places we have visited include: Minsk, Alicante, Prague or Malta.



As AEGEE-Eindhoven we are part of a large network in Europe, of which nine are in the Netherlands. The area of the Dutch locals together is called the Nedertop

We often visit other locals and have many awesome activities with them, like parties  or Beerpong Tournaments. It has never been easier to meet friends from all over the Netherlands!


At AEGEE-Eindhoven we also organize a lot of more serious activities to develop yourself. Ranging from Mental Health workshops to groupbuilding workshops and PR workshops or even a yoga workshop.


Tosti Thursday

Every Thursday we have our Tosti lunches. During the break you can get an unlimited amount of Tostis for a very small price (read: 10 Tostis for 2 EUR). This is ofcourse for members only. Once a month we even have a themed Tosti Thursday, e.g.: Donut Thursday, Stroopwafel Thursday, Italian Thursday and more!