Safe Persons


AEGEE-Eindhoven always has at least two trained safe persons. They strive to make AEGEE-Eindhoven a safe and inclusive place with no room for (sexual) harassment. 
Aims of the safe persons are:
  • Preserve and stimulate inclusion within the association.
  • Guarantee social safety within the association.
  • Accessible low key support with struggles or mental issues amongst members.
  • We listen to everything you need to get off your chest.
  • We can refer you to the right institutions for specialized help if needed.
  • Always confidential.*
*Except in case of extreme safety risks for one or more person(s).

Current Safe Persons

Mark van der Meer

Nadine Noij

Their phone numbers can be found in the members only AEGEE-Eindhoven group chat. 

Interested in becoming a safe person for AEGEE-Eindhoven? Let us know by sending an email to one of the safe persons or the board of AEGEE-Eindhoven.