As in every association, there are committees. In AEGEE-Eindhoven we have some as well, they are formed of passionate people, working to keep the association going in a large variety of ways.

After-Intro Committee (AfterIntroCie): The After-Intro committee organizes a fun 6 week program to introduce the new members to the association and vice-versa. This period is closed by a wonderful exchange to one of the locals of AEGEE-Europe.

Bike Committee (BikeCie): AEGEE-Eindhoven owns a lot of bikes, which we sometimes rent to groups or individual persons. However, these bikes need to be maintained and also we need to keep track of them. This is the task of the BikeCie.

Common Room Committee: We have the Common Room as our main place of meeting. To ensure the room stays in good shape, we have the common room committee, which is a joint committee of AEGEE-Eindhoven and Cosmos, who work hard to make it an enjoyable place for everyone. /

Cooking Committee (KookCie): The KookCie, or Cooking Committee, makes sure that every Wednesday we will have a delicious meal. However, besides the meal on Wednesday they do so much more! They give multiple workshops, like a cocktail workshop or Polish dumpling workshop. Don’t be shy to ask them for cooking advice, you can recognize them by their KookCie aprons!

Exchanges Committee: The exchanges committee assists the board in organising exchanges and helping organise the most wonderful exchanges to other locals.

Intro Committee (IntroCie): The intro committee makes sure that AEGEE-Eindhoven is fully prepared for the introduction week of the TU/e every year. They organize some amazing activities during this period and make sure we are properly introduced to the First Year students.

Local Activities Committee (LAC): The local activities committee organizes a range of activities. Nothing is too crazy. From big parties to a movie night, they make sure the association stays entertained throughout the entire year.

PR Committee (PRCie): The PR committee makes sure the design of our association is kept up to date. From Instagram and Facebook, to new merchandise and flyers, they design it all.

Tappers: This is not so much a committee but more of a group who are bartenders for AEGEE-Eindhoven. As we have our drinks in the Hubble bar, a bar run by students, we help take care of this bar with all the other associations drinking there. Every Wednesday, we have drinks there and on occasion, we will be pouring the drinks too. So in case you have always wanted to be a bartender, this is your chance.

Technical Committee: The technical committee is responsible for all the technical systems, including the website. They make sure that all the systems are up to date and that the website stays up to date.

External Affairs Committee: The external affairs committee handles the external activities of AEGEE-Eindhoven, from funding to reaching out to partners to collaborate with.

Paparazzi Committee (PaparaCie): The Paparazzi committee makes sure that photos are taken at events and exchanges. In this committee you can take photos, but the photos also have to be edited. There are workshops and worksessions where you get to learn how to take photos, but also what happens after the photo has been taken.